Monday, November 03, 2008

Scary doggies, tough cowboys, a giant mouse, and an invitation

The weekends are the hard times without the Mrs. HTF and the tadpoles (a good name for a rock band) around.  Thankfully this weekend my sister and her family drove up from Portlandia to hang out in my too-big apartment with me.  Henry, my 2.5 year-old nephew dressed up as Pecos Bill.  (I'm pretty sure Pecos wasn't a real guy, but judging from Henry's costume, if he was real, he was too cute to scare any of the bad guys):


We met up with my brother and his girlfriend and they brought their wiener-dog, Petty, dressed as a devil - this is about as scary as wiener dogs can get:


And as you can tell by the sudden rush of photos on a blog that typically is pictureless, I got a new camera.  And instead of eating Halloween candy, I played with my new toy under the watchful eyes and wagging tail of Petty:


In other breaking-news - this weekend I figured out how to videoconference with the family back in KC.  This was great because the kids could give me the same one-word answers to questions "face-to-face" instead of over the phone.  I am loving the new camera so much that I'm taking pictures of pictures.  Here's one of the video conference with the Mrs. HTF.  I'm probably gonna get in trouble for posting this one without written authorization, so don't ever call me a wimp!


Then there's this photo, which I would invite you all to create a caption to by commenting on this post (yes, that's an enormous roller-ball mouse):


Also, tonight I learned that an entire family in Tokyo, Japan listens to the HTF Playlist frequently and performs serious dance moves.  So yeah, to answer the question we all get at work multiple times on Monday mornings - I had a great weekend.

PS - I want to invite you all (both of you) to a play by play blog during the election results on Tuesday night.  I will begin blogging/commenting around 5:30 PST/8:30 EST as I watch the election coverage.  You should PLEASE comment on the blog and send in questions as the night goes on - let's make it interactive!  (You'll just hit refresh to see the new posts)  Invite your friends/family/pets/appliances and gather around the laptop and the TV news team of your choice - it's gonna be a fun night for all of us and either Barry or JohnyMac will be flashing his teeth and wading through balloons by the time the night is over.


millerjk said...

Why I show up as Armed Forces Europe is beyond me...seeing how we are in Armed Forces Pacific.
Anywho...there will be no pictures of that entire family in Tokyo Japan rocking out to HTF music, though rumor has it it happens on a daily basis.

millerjk said...

Love the pictures with Flat Stanley...

agm said...

Oooo! Interactive election results are so fun! I will definitely be checking back tomorrow night.

The photos are a great addition. Bonus points are given for the incognito wiener dog.

Glad you had a good weekend. I'm also glad that you said that was a giant mouse . . . 'cause I had no idea what that was.

JJ said...

In any other election year, I too would be glued to my television watching the returns come in. However, I am so darn tired and frustrated by this election year that my husband and I will be watching Get Smart on DVD tomorrow night as a silent (but funny) protest. Maybe I'll log on with comments about the movie and then you can somehow relate them to the political's an idea.

CM said...

I LOVE the Portlandia reference - haven't heard one in ages. I was attending PSU when she "landed"..we had quite a bit of fun with that one...

Not sure if I can skip the Daily Show coverage in favor of HTF....we'll see...

rlsecor said...

cool, cool & cool! Fun to have pictorials too. Here is my take on the mouse....

Scientists Discover Secret Plot to Control Voters

Today in the Pacific North West voters look much like these three who lined up early to play their part in making history; happy and hopeful. Scientists monitoring the proceedings were alerted to this crew by a passerby who was worried about the obvious malnutrition of the youngest male in the party. The 7 year old boy known as Flat Stanley, is suffering from Flatinsons Syndrome, a rare disease that occurs in children who have recently been exposed to mind control. The three citizens in this photo represent 100's of thousands of people who have been controlled by this giant mouse and others like it. You will recognize it by the characteristic happy faces while standing in line for hours at the polls.

Scientists are discovering that the Giant Mice have been in place for years disguised as X Ray machines, Drivers License and SAMS Club Photo ID machines, and hidden behind the drive through speakers at Hamburger Heaven, Bob's Bucket of Chicken and
Tony's Taco Town.

Voters are encouraged to be extra cautious when heading to the polls today. Some scientists have suggested that wrapping your body in aluminum foil would not be too extreme as a means of protecting yourself from the far reaching effects of these dastardly criminals.

OK, OK, I tried to just do a caption but my fingers wouldn't quit... I must be under mind control too...

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